How storing classic cars helped to change lives

One of the great benefits of storing classic cars is the opportunity you have to meet their owners. My clients are passionate about their vintage cars, and it's a passion that I share with them. Often, when I take that first call or answer an email about storing their cars for long periods, the conversation meanders into an appreciation of the classic car and how we think it compares to others, often contemporary kinds of vintages.

Amongst these, the E-Type Jaguar has to be the classic car that I place on the highest pedestal. It combines all that I find in my passion of the classics: the story of a heroic and innovative designer, a design and build that brought new techniques to the industry, and its sheer power and grace that remain, in my eyes, unsurpassed after more than a half century.

The owners of such cars share my love of them too. They appreciate the innovation and the thought that went into building something so perfect. It is a bridge on which we can meet and share our enthusiasm, and often it can lead to something more.

Some months ago one of my clients who stored his car with Majestic Car Storage called me to arrange for it to be dropped off just outside Birmingham. As the conversation drifted onto questions about the car storage business, we started to discuss the cars and, naturally, our thoughts on the merits and flaws of each.

The E-Type Jaguar remained on the pedestal. Impervious to the attacks of the Shelby Cobra and a DB5, it retained its crown.

But the conversation did remind me of this year's "Around Britain Coastal Drive". Organised by the E-Type club, the 4000 mile drive over 19 days has raised £150,000 over the last two years combined. This year, with nearly 100 classic cars participating, they hoped to raise an extra £70,000 for Prostate cancer research.

I cannot say I would not like to participate in such an adventure, and perhaps I could enter one of the legs next year if I can just find an E-type in time, but raising money to fight this disease is a good cause nonetheless. We all, I suspect, have known family members and friends who have been affected by cancer, and doing something to help, especially as part of a community of like-minded people, is important.

To view photos and read accounts from this year's "Round Britain Coastal Drive" then please see the link below – there is also an option to donate to Prostate cancer research as well.